General terms

applies to everything

Paying any invoice, or purchasing from us indicates that you agree to all terms within. Read carefully. If you find there is something you don't agree with, please let us know so we go cancel the sale.

  • We reserve the right to decline any sale.

  • We only sell to 18+. If you're not 18+ and try to buy from us, you'll be blacklisted.

  • English is our first and only language. If yours is not, please let us know upfront.

  • Please note. We are in the US. Meaning US laws apply to our TOS.

  • We will only sell to those with accounts. If you need a code, let us know. We do make exceptions to this rule, talk to us about it.

  • If you sell our adopts, designs, or any form of our work as an NFT you lose all rights to the character. You will be permanently blacklisted.

  • If you post a claim on any premade adopt and can not respond within 4 to 8 hours of us sending you a payment note or invoice comment your comment will be hidden. You'll be added to a private "do not sell" list and we will not be selling to you again.

  • If you post a claim on any mystery design/custom slots and can not fill out the form and respond within 4 to 8 hours of us sending you a payment note or invoice comment your comment will be hidden. You'll be added to a private "do not sell" list and we will not be selling to you again.

If you are serious about a claim and can not respond within the window, please just state so in your claim. IE: "I'm at work, I'll respond when I get home" or "I'm heading to bed and will respond in the AM."

Current Average Turn Around Time:
2 weeks to 3 months.

We keep a PUBLIC QUEUE, that's updated at least weekly with the new order loads.This is to allow us time for real life issues, to take breaks, or work on premades as needed (either for bills or to zone out for a bit).We, the artists, will always keep you, the customer, updated either via note or via posted journal / discord announcements if there's any major delays happening that would prevent your order from being completed within the given time frame.

Payment Terms

applies to everything

  • Payment is expected upfront in full unless discussed.

  • Payment is to be made within 8 hours of receiving an invoice.

  • We will not hunt you down for an unpaid invoice. If payment is not received in a timely manner, the invoice will be canceled, comment hidden, and items placed for resale.

  • If buying for someone else you must inform us of who it is for before we'll send out an invoice. If you inform us after the fact a refund will be issued and rights revoked.

  • We do not accept E-Checks

  • Refunds will not be given for premades.

  • Refunds for customs / mystery designs only if the design has not been started at all.

  • If you require a refund, please contact us first, and We'll work to get you one ASAP. A refund may take up to 1 week to return to you.

The below is posted on every single invoice we send out as of 7/25/22. If you do not agree to the below, unfortunately, we won't be doing business, sorry.

  • By paying an invoice you acknowledge and accept that you are paying for a digital product/service, no physical item exists and therefore cannot be sent to you.

  • You confirm that you are the owner of this account and money or have permission to use it fully.

  • In confirming you own the account and are aware of this sale, you give up any attempts at a chargeback.

  • A chargeback may only be filed if a provable lapse of communication occurs.

  • Any attempts of chargeback will be considered bad faith by the buyer and will result in automatic loss of character rights/art made.

  • If the character or art was sent via a platform (IE: it is expected they be returned upon the rights being revoked. If you use the digital product after getting a refund you, you are fully aware of the possibility of legal actions.

  • The seller will also have full rights to resell the character design/recycle the art made if chargeback is made.

  • Our normal TOS also applies, please read them below: (Link)

Resale Terms

  • A design may be sold for it's original price + the cost of any additional artwork it has been given. If no additional value has been added, do NOT sell it higher than we sold it to you. If caught doing so you will be blacklisted.

  • All designs sent via TH have their initial sale value in the ownership log. Check this for the price you may sell for.

  • Do not sell designs that were traded for. They may only be retraded.

  • Do not sell or trade freebies/gifts/raffles. See the Freebies/Raffle section for more information.

Adopt Terms

  • Buyer receives design rights upon purchase.

  • We reserve the right to revoke rights to a design if our TOS is broken.

  • What you see is what you're buying unless otherwise stated.

  • Please do not note us asking for edits. Doing so repeatedly will result in a blacklist.

  • You may change the design however you see fit once you own it. This includes gender, species, design elements, etc.

  • You may not alter the image we give you unless given written permission from us & the base maker.

  • Do not create a species off of our designs.

  • Contact us if you wish to convert our design into a closed species first.

  • We prefer our adopts not to be used in racist, homophobic, or hateful ways. Please try to refrain from doing so.

  • We do not accept holds for the general public.

  • We will not leave toyhouse transfers pending for more than 1 month from the date we send out.

  • If you do not accept your transfer within that time frame, the transfer will be canceled, the character put back up for sale, and no refund will be given as it will be taken as a fee for holding said character for well past a normal time frame.

  • As we only sell to those with a account, we require our designs to be visible at all times to us. That means if you want them hidden from the public, ask us how to do so and we'll help you.

  • If you delete a design of ours off Toyhouse - you must inform us first. This is to keep track of a design's whereabouts.

breeding sheets / sibling designs

  • As a general statement, we are perfectly fine with people using our designs to create breed sheet adopts.We ask you do not create clone designs. This applies to creating sibling designs as well.

  • They MUST BE DIFFERENT ENOUGH to be considered a completely unique and separate design.

  • We'd also prefer if you create a sibling design and decide to sell, you sell them together.

Raffle & Freebie Terms

  • Do NOT sell or trade freebies/gifts that you have received from us. It's generally bad etiquette to do so and will land you on our blacklist.

  • If you no longer want a freebie/gift that you received from us and have not given it any additional value - we require it be returned to @ Sugarbeans on toyhouse so that we may find it a new home.

  • If you no longer want a freebie/gift that you received from us and HAVE given it additional value, you may only sell / trade it for the additional value cost, the design itself is not to be included in value.

  • If a free design is found to be sold or traded against these terms with no additional value by the person who received them first - the rights to the design will be revoked, and the person who was effectively scammed with a freebie will be in contact with us and the offender to fix this issue.

  • If freebies and raffles continue to be abused we will eventually stop doing them to stop the drama surrounding them. Do not abuse people's kindness with freebies and ruin it for everyone.

Blacklist Policy

  • Those on the public blacklist are banned from our designs. This means do not trade or sell to them, doing so will result in a warning, and then a blacklist if continued.

  • If you are blacklisted for any reason - we will inform you ourselves with the reason for why. Reasons will not be posted publicly, however, if more information is requested by someone we will give explanations as needed

  • Our blacklist is generally a permanent thing, however, we're also not above talking things out if you can do so CIVILLY. You may contact us on discord to do so. (xxBean#1031 or xNyxie#1031)

This blacklist is not meant for you to go harass people on it. Do not do it. Doing so will land you spot on it yourself


These terms apply to anything and everything commissioned from us including but not limited to:

  • Custom Characters

  • Reference Sheets

  • Your Character Here Orders

Failure to follow anything listed in these terms will result in a refund as soon as we're able, and a strike against commissioning from us. Failure to follow these terms 3 times will result in a ban from commissions only.Upfront in any of these terms refers to the communications before invoices are sent out.

  • You must provide a clean, unshaded reference sheet. We will not be working from random art pieces or descriptions anymore as it's become stressful to try to do so.

  • We also require you to either send or link directly to the specific reference you want used. We will not accept full gallery links as there has been a lot of conflicting art pieces on certain designs making work difficult.

  • If you're purchasing a custom - you must provide any color palettes or moodboards you want upfront before we invoice you. This is to make sure we're capable of working from it. If you have specific animal references in mind - send those upfront as well, or they will not be used.

  • Any references sent after the invoice is sent without us prompting you will not be used. IE: You've paid the invoice but mention after that you want piercings edited on or a specific accessory that wasn't discussed beforehand - we will not add it without incurring an edit fee.

  • If there are edits you want done to your character on the art we're providing you must give us clear instructions and references up front of what you're wanting changed. If you send a random reference unprompted in the middle of the WIP stages, it will be disregarded as you did not ask for said change up front. [This does not apply if there's something we ask to be clarified with an image, ]

  • When we send WIPs please state if something is missing or you want changes outright. Responses such as "cute" or "I love it" are not really confirmation that everything looks right or that something's not missing. Please don't assume we'll "add it later" - tell us we missed something. We're human and make mistakes.

These terms have been put into place due to repeated instances of issues with commissions over the past few months causing stress. Please just be upfront with us about your wants and information for you commissions and we'll do what we can.

Contact Us

For the fastest response, contact us on Discord
xxBean#1031 or xNyxie#1031